AI, Virtual Reality and Live Human Interaction Packs a Punch in Mursion’s Platform

Mursion is a virtual reality (VR) platform where professionals learn the essential skills to be socially effective in their high-stakes careers.

Mursion, has built a unique VR platform that recreates high stress scenarios that may commonly occur in the workplace and lets employees practice handling them with digital characters, or avatars.  These avatars react and respond,  driven by a combination of human reasoning and artificial intelligence.

For those tough conversations that matter
The company is unique in that its algorithms leverage the best of Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence to stimulate the visual and auditory senses of a learner engaged in a simulation.  But the thing is that the simulations seem very real to the people who have tried them.
You can check out a 3-minute video introduction to the VR platform here to get a flavor for how real it seems.
Fortune 1000 customers
Mursion works with many Fortune 1000 companies including T-Mobile, Coke, Google, J&J, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Genentech.  The training simulations cover everything from leadership development, customer service, performance reviews, diversity and inclusion training, and settling office conflicts (yes, that last one is a doozy).

The demo video on the company’s site proclaims that Mursion can deliver intelligence training of soft skills at scale.  Here is something current – they are currently working with a large chain to train employees on how to deal with customers who refuse to wear masks.  Yep, that kind of training is sorely needed these days.

Making and raising money
CEO Mark Atkinson says that Mursion is projecting revenues of $20 million for the fiscal year which ends June 30, which is twice what the company made the prior year. And, the company announced $20 million in a Series B financing from Leeds Illuminate. 

Human-in-the-loop technology
The reason that Mursion’s simulations seem more real is simple – they have live human interaction built in with the AI.  Here’s what that means.  They use what they call Simulation Specialists as the centerpiece of their “human-in-the-loop” technology.  The Simulation Specialists have some form of acting background in theater, film, improv, or other forms of performance art, which gives them the ability to play several characters in the simulations.
Competitors' platforms do not offer live interactions.  They are either 100 percent AI-driven or pre-recorded, which strips away any illusion of entering into an authentic exchange.
If this sounds like something out of the Netflix show Black Mirror, you’re probably not far off the mark.

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